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 Motorhome Outside Bits

The extra outside bits that you can buy fall somewhere along the personals usefulness and value spectrum.  Something that seems almost essential for one motorhomer, could be a total waste of money, space and payload for another.

On this page, you will find items which many of us would rate as extremely useful or even essential.   We have many of them ourselves and they have earned their space in our motorhome. 

Portable Washing Machine

When we first started travelling, we had no plans to carry a washing machine.  However, after a few months of struggling to find laundromats and spending a lot of money and time doing the washing, we took the plunge and bought the One Concept from Amazon.  We use this when we can plug into electric power or have good sunshine to power our inverter while washing. The super high-speed spinner means the washing line dries quickly.  The convenience and cost saving justifies the space and relatively small weight.  Whether you stay on sites and don’t want to pay for using their machines or like to free camp without being reliant on laundromats, these make life easier and cheaper.

950i Generator

A generator is one of the recent additions to our garage because even with 320W of solar panels, we sometimes struggled to get enough sun in the winter to satisfy our hungry power needs.  A generator is one of those things that gives real peace of mind (you don’t have to worry about your batteries running flat) and saves you money because it keeps you from needing an electrical hookup when the sun doesn’t shine.

We have found this little unit to be compact, light (8.5kg), low cost and reasonably quiet.  Please be considerate to other campers about where and when you use it.

Fiamma Awning Tie Downs

Extending out your awning gives you more living space, some cover from the sun, and protection for your outside furniture. However, in a strong wind up your awning acts like a giant sail and can then become something a lot more dangerous and potentially costly. While most of us know that you should pull in your awning if a storm is brewing, a strong freak gust can easily lift your awning back over your motorhome causing a lot of serious damage.

This tie-down strap system is designed to lock into the frame of your awning and attach it too strong springs and pegs which will keep the awning in its place in all but the strongest winds.